Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, November 26, 2012


I swear I haven't been playing these past Two Years as I've shared with You a little about my experiences as a Fox.  I have really been Gifted an Understanding, a Perspective from the Animal Kingdom, which I Hope You Will Explore.  I don't believe I am anyone special, but I believe my spiritual experiences have been authentic, and for that reason, worth sharing.  I believe I have been imparted an Accurate Perspective on which to build my Theory of Everything:  It is a perspective of Planet Earth as a Garden, ruled over by a Magical King, yet corrupted by Agents of the Devilly Box.  A slime-and-profit society, built like a rash on the Earth, obscures your Human View of Eden and its noble, intelligent Animals: persuades you this is a dead rock with sub-sensible Animal Life: by such obscuration of the facts you are effectively locked out from the Animal Kingdom and all its Secrets, left to wonder about things every Butterfly takes for granted: such as the Name of our Savior or how Best to Live One's Life.  You make Tragic Mistakes.  Even things you think are commonplace, like forgetting to Recycle, are Tragic Mistakes.  Travesties against Nature.  You don't know this because You fall out of Touch with your Inner Self, you are every day betrayed by the Devilly Box, denied citizenship in your Native Country, which is Eden, and made a slave to a Babylon-System-Vapor, where you forget where things and people come from, where you are ashamed to be naked, where you are policed by Internet robots and fed GMO food, where you are breathing Stale and Polluted Air, and made to circulate Paper Money which has no bearing on the worth of Your Soul.

But out Here, where Things Are Different, where Intelligent Nature is the haunt of the gods... I, the FoX, have heard a Voice.  I unplugged, and disassociated, and PRAYED, and I listened.  Now FOCUS.

As I said, I've not been playing, so let me Nevermore Be Vague.  What is the Voice I've been hearing?  Its a Huge and Varied, Thundering Voice.  It is a ROAR of Information, all-things-said-at-once, it is the Voice Like Many Waters.  It is an actual Sound, you can Hear it too, in fact if you don't believe here is a Youtube video!  (see below) And I can tune my Being to hear this Strain, or that, within it; and pick out competing interests within that Voice, or an Angel from Demons and Desires.  I can also Hear the Voice of All Life, I can Hear the Voice of Each Animal, Plant, or Human -- if I am near it, if I can empathize.  I really and honestly, truly believe, that our physical ability to hear is definitely influenced by our spiritual ability to LISTEN.  There are many 100% audible, physical sounds present in Nature, which a modern, civilized, technology-fed, uninitiated Human literally cannot Hear at all unless someone points it out to him.  Unless you agree with me, you have probably not experienced what I'm talking about.  If you haven't, make an appointment to walk quietly through the Woods -- QUIETLY, you understand?  no cell phones, no chatter, no stomp-stomp-stomp, in fact if you don't know how to STALK, take off your shoes, and move very, very slowly --, do this and I promise you will Hear it.  Are you unable to make up your mind about Spiritual Things?  Just go experience them for yourself, please.  Do not take anyone's Word for it.  Activate your Ear(th)!

When you watch this video, what is it that you HEAR?

Earth sounds from space!

What I hear is a Racing Planet, so busy, so infinitely busy.  It can never catch up.  The winds and the waves roaring around the Track, and all the Noise of Humans complicit within it.  But the Higher Pitches, which sound like "Wooo" are something different, a growth impulse... a groaning, expanding, learning, digesting, spiritually aspiring Planet with a Mind of Her Own.  She is Real!  And Alive!  And SPEAKING!  Haven't you ever wondered why PLANET is like PLANT but with an E?  You must Think On These Things!

What is most telling, is that I tell you in all sincerity when I first discovered this youtube video it put gooseflesh on my back because I RECOGNIZED THE SOUND.  I often Hear this in Meditation, and have known it to be the Voice of the Earth, it sounds exactly like this, only sometimes I know what it is specifically meaning in a given moment.  It is truly an Intelligent Voice.  It is the Voice of an Aggrieved and Abused Woman, who Mothered Us, Who Adores Our Mutual Creator.  Who has Hurts and Needs, Wounds to Attend to.  Eden is a Damsel in Distress.  It is important to Listen to Her.

(If  You Want to Save the World,
Just Hearing Her will be Enough.)

Or how about listening to the Voice of the SUN?

Sound of Sun

I have heard this Sound also, though not as Such.  In this video it is claimed that the Sound you hear has been sped up 42,000 times so you can even hear it, so Deep is its Timbre!  But consider how Deep must be the Sound of so Mighty and Ancient a Giant as Our Star!  I have in Truth heard this Sound echoed.  I think you know as well as I do that is the sound of the Vital Heat which makes up Life.  It sounds Merciless, yet Beneficient.  It will not let you go.  It will improve You if it has to Kill You first.  I believe You can discern its Spiritual Quality, if you think about it long enough.

And so LISTENING is like that.  There are times when you can sink so deeply into Meditation that you Hear all these Voices commingled, at once.  They are Physical Sounds, just like the Words of Your Best Friend.  And also like those Words, they have Meaning.  And if you give yourself to Listen, there is a Part of Your Being that recognizes that Meaning, and can Respond.  There is a Voice in the Earth, in the Sun, in the Moon, in Stars, in Planets, in Trees, in Waters, in Wind, in Animals, in People.  Hear the Sound behind the Sound, hear the Meanings and the Hiding Melodies.  Bring them to the forefront of Your Mind.  Be acquainted enough with Birdsong that it is often on Your Heart and in Your Head.  Listen to Nature and be convinced it has Meaning, you will find that Meaning, it will Change Everything for You.


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