Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Welcome to the Shift!

Dear Friends,

            You’ve heard all about the Shift.  But are you experiencing it?  Many of us are.

            The Shift is not a religious term, though it is a spiritual one, and it does involve Belief.  But the Shift is not a doctrine or a dogma, and challenges no religious tradition’s values.  It is simply, not a religious concept, and religious people should not feel threatened by it.  The Shift is more of a scientific happening, a literal change that our Species and in fact, our World, is detectibly going through.

            If you are experiencing this Shift, here is what it feels like: a renewed sense of Wonder, a profound Joy in Life, coming suddenly and unexplainably from a sense of Destiny and also, very significantly, Generational Oneness.  You feel as though you are waking up and noticing things connecting global events to your Life.  You feel as though you are capable of changing the World, even with small actions.  You begin trying, and where you had failed many times before, you begin succeeding.  The Law of Attraction works for you with Lightning swiftness.  You are feeling a growing desire to be outdoors, to pay attention to the weather, to conservation, to your food, to your body, to your relationships.  You are either reconsidering your life path or you have some remarkable new idea to improve it, go further than you had imagined.  This is what the Shift feels like, and why those of us who are experiencing it are so stoked about it.

            What the Shift is doing for the Planet and the Species is restoring a set of skills to promote a Balance of Life which enables Humans to survive.  A time will most certainly come where Humans will need to have a different skill set than the ones they currently have in order to continue to evolve.  Those who do not acquire the skill set will succumb to natural selection.  It is a grave thing to speak of such things when we are the species involved.   But evolution is indeed like this, and only the adaptable move on.  The Shift is an actual downloading to our minds, collectively and individually, of a new perspective, which motivates us and inspires us, and literally mentors us and helps us to evolve.  What is the Shift?  It certainly seems to be behaving exactly as though it were a piece of software from on high, from some benevolent Being or Beings who are wiser than we are, and know what is coming.  It certainly seems exactly to travel through our memes and genes and screens, through the Natural World, and through the impossibly personal and chance encounters with our friends and with the significant events of our lives, and to try to grab us and level us up.

            Who in your Life has been challenging you?  That person or those people are the ones helping you Shift.  Those who are teaching you new skills or extending you invitations, people who dare you to take risks, people who ask you for your opinion on something philosophical at a party… all these people are shifting you, are daring you to be your best you.  These are the people you want around you.  If you are not open to the Shift you should find these types of people, at this time in your life, and do the things they say.  You mustn’t put up conditions or fuss about if its hard or if its not what you’re used to.  Learn!  And learn quick.  Learn quick as you can, and lean into this Shift, to maximize it.

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