Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, September 24, 2012

Something Different

Hey S.D.!  This one's just for you!

You'll be seeing me again soon.   The Green East has taught me a lot.  My own estranged Heart has taught me even more.  But your FoX will return!  

I need the waves of Mother Pacific, I need the smells of Oceany-Beach.  I need the comfort of Jenner & Kiona, and so many Adventures still to come.

I will head back for Love & Peace, and I hope I see YOU there.

If you ever need to collapse into a heap, and be worshipped, I'm your Worshipper.  Do not be afraid.  Its all still here for you.  BUT...

There are Times when you can walk between Two Places.  There are Places where you can walk between Two Times.  Sometimes, a Space-Portal and a Time-Portal Conjunct.  And when that happens you will almost certainly Trip right through.

I stood once at the edge of my Universe.  I made a door into Somebody Else's.  But the Door came in at the wrong spot... Space & Time are tricksy... and she could not grant me access.  I peered so exhaustedly at the Closed Door.  It made me very sad to not be let in.  For I had come to the edge of my Universe.  And things back there.... I shuddered.  It was a very long way back.

Nevertheless what could be done?  There was nothing.  I walked away, I let her go.  You won't always land where you expect.  Willoughby & Gimmelfred's Guide to Astral Projection.  Oh, I hope someday to come to the Right Door... the Rew Door, the Trew Door, the Dea Door.  (These are Secret Things.  You either know these things or you don't.  But, if you don't, and you see me at the Beach, I can teach you.  That's what I'm coming for!)   But by that Time the Doors could lead to completely different Places... A different Universe, a different Face.  S.D. means San Diego, it also means Something Different.    These Shiftings are tricksy, nevertheless you'll get the hang of it.  And go through.  And find what you find.

"This Time Ahead of You there are no pivotal Dates, there is only the Moment.  Act in the Now," says Father Fane.

Rest & Enjoy... maybe look for Garfield... or as Lightning Heart says

"play another rhythm, pick another partner,
retune your instrument, rewrite every line."

And don't forget there is a Battle to Win.


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