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Magic Trixter FoX

Monday, October 29, 2012

Full Hunter's Moon Blessings, on Hurricane Sandy 2012

It seems pretty unusual, given the events and circumstances of my life, that I should be here in the Eye of the Hurricane, precisely on Full Hunter's Moon, 2012.  There are many, I suppose, who don't notice these phenomenon.  But I think its significant when a Rainbow falls on New Moon and a Hurricane on the Full.  I know the traditions regarding Hunter's Moon, and I know what's been happening in my life, and 55,55,55,55,55... seemed to be an important sequence the other day, for SOME reason or another... and I do not believe in Coincidence.

So here is what I will tell You.  I believe this Storm is meaningful, I believe this Night is Important, and on Every Single Full Moon I always project intentions.  It is a time to hurl prayers into the Sky, to unfetter your Heart and let its Tongues Talk You into Heaven.  I bless Fire, I bless Earth, I bless Water, I bless Sky.  I ask for GRACE for AMERICA and I ask for LIFE from HEAVEN.

In this Time of Full Hunter's Moon I ask the God of the Universe to pour down LIFE from the HEAVENS and enrich our Soil, enrich this Earth, make its people STRONG and INTERDEPENDENT.  I am not grieved by the existence of corporations, of Governments, of politicians, of feeble Media and polluted Intellect.  I know these Vapors shall pass.  I am untroubled by Romney & Obama.  The Earth is a Stone, it rotates in Cosmic Precision.  It was Planned & Built for a Purpose: that Purpose is Moving According to Plan.  (M.A.P.s)

God Moves in All Storms.  Hurricane Sandy is a being of His Making.  The Storm itself is but a Signal of a Grander, Fuller Truth.  All Nature teaches us Something:  In every Natural Phenomenon there is Revelation.  He who has Eyes to See, Let Him See.

I bless my Church, the Garden, my Family, my Lady Lover & Her Family, I bless the Nation, the State, the Company I work for.  I bless my Friends, my Relatives, on both East Coast & West.  I bless my friends in Europe, in Asia, in Africa, in Australia, in South America.  I bless species that are near extinction.  I bless Forests that are being cut.  I resist pipelines and tankers and I speak blessing over my favorite non-profit, Greenpeace, I speak LIFE to the forces of OCCUPY and I speak HEALING to SYRIA.  These are my INTENTIONS.  My PRAYERS.  Master Shepherd said what I bind is bound, what I loose is loosed.  I loose prosperity and abundance over every struggling soul.

In Jesus Name, Amen.
-KiJjiT FoX

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