Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, April 8, 2012

In the Future, Where I Come From...

These are predictions, and I am sure of them.  The FoX issues your Futurecast.

As the cost of gasoline in the United States passes $5, $6, $7, and even $10 within the next Year or three...
Those who can afford to drive will be fewer and fewer and fewer.
Vehicle ownership will decline.  
Travel even to the next town will be considered more of a luxury than before.
It will not happen all at once, but little by little, it will happen.  
And soon the prohibitive costs of fuel will even lead to shortages in many consumer goods which currently line the shelves of our Big Box Stores.  These stores will go bankrupt.  They will empty out, shrivel up, & die.

To the Fox, this is not a cause for alarm.  A Fox is made for Escaping the Box.  A Fox is made to be resourceful, and Ready, for whatever changes Papa Creator & Mama Universe send the Fox's way.  Remember the story of the Ants & the Grasshopper?  The Ants prepared for a Time of Scarcity, and they were able to survive.  The Grasshopper was not so industrious, and he came a-begging, needy and cold, when Reality struck him.

When the shortages come it would be best if you knew how to live a simple & subtle life.  If extremes of Hot & Cold didn't bother you because you have attuned your body to the Weather instead of your Central Heat & Air Conditioning.

Modern Humans are a devolution of the species.  We were not designed to sit for long hours, focusing on only what flickers across a Box.  We have grown weak and tired.  Our Eyes have dimmed because we have not given them Sunshine.  Our muscles are flabby and unused.  When a Time of Scarcity hits, many will take it very much harder than they need to.  They will have to grow up all of the sudden. Harden your Body and Mind, now, while the Chance is freely available.  Do not be one of those begging when Reality strikes your Town.

A Transition will occur.  Communities must learn to co-operate.  Power shortages in large cities will become a periodic occurrence.  In 2011 I was in San Diego when they experienced the largest power outage since the 1970s.  This type of event will become widespread and commonplace.  Citizens will learn that Electricity is neither Predictable or Convenient.  People will build homemade Solar Panels.  There will be rag-tag ways of supplying one's own electricity.  Power could, in some places, become something that people fight about.  Not on a global scale like we do now in our petrol-inspired Wars, but even in a local community.  Luckily, at this time there will be many good-hearted People of the Light who will open their lawns, which we are currently wasting by growing only grass on them, and community Gardens will develop.  Thankfully, this is already happening.  Churches will find their roles dramatically re-cast.  They will be the go-to hospitals and co-ops in a post-Gasoline World, or they will be forsaken all together.  

In this Time of Scarcity, it is likely that Population will Decline.  It is likely that Government will grow less efficient, less relevant, less important.  News of what is affecting the next nation will be of little interest to those who must delicately survive in their own familiar neighborhood.  And yet, this will not be because things are less connected.  It will simply be because we have less power over our everyday surroundings.  It will be like the Wild West, everywhere.  

But there is also Good News for this Time.  We may once again see the rise of Organic Humans.  It is possible that the Children who are born will not be spoiled by our petty luxuries.  They will be firmer, more active, more healthy.  The food they eat must needs be local, unprocessed, and natural.  Only the strongest will survive.  

But to be one of the Strong!  Organic Humanity has not existed in this Nation for a Generation.  Even those who strive to live Naturally now are hindered from the Purist way because of how all-pervasive the Babylonian System is.    In that Time, provided we do not permanently befoul our Air and Water in the meantime, Children in some Places will know what its like to have the vitality of our prehistoric Ancestors.  And with this Vitality, they may also unlock some of the lost and secret faculties of great Imagination and Insight, Intuition and Psychic Control that we possessed as a species in the days of the Pyramid builders.  It is this Generation, the yet Unborn Generation of my own Children, that may yet re-discover a way of living Wild & Free, away from numb & comfortable realities that deprive them of Soul & Sensation.

In the Future, where I come from, there is both Poverty & Abundance.  But in that Future one's fortunes are decided not by their Academic Education, not by what is said on a Computer Screen, not by what is said by a Bank, but by how they relate to Mama Nature.  We will once again realize who Our Providers are: God & His Garden, Eden, or Earth.  And if we will cultivate, yes cultivate, those Two Important Relationships, we can discover the organic Destiny of Humans.  If modern Humans today were to encounter those Healthy Warriors of the Past... those who breathed Clean Air, ate untainted food, and built Empires... they would feel small indeed standing next to them.  

The Fox seeks to increase Strength, in Body, Mind, & Spirit, by contacting what is Real, not what is Transitory, engineered, or plastic.  Follow my Example and Learn Your Place on this Planet.  Settle down and be a Human.  Don't be distracted by fleeting ideas of opulent Wealth and unnecessary Ambitions.  To eat, to drink, to find your Mate & have Chilsdrens... to feel Wonder in the Presence of Your God... to revel in the smell of good Soil or the color of Sunsets... to love simple Music and Dancing and Wine... these are Ambitions enough for our times.  These, in the face of Global Depression and Collapse, will be rare enough for some folks, that to those who are still granted them, they will be seen at last as the Treasures which they are.  All is else is Meaningless but the Humanity of Humans.  Our actual, rather than our Imagined, place in the Cosmos and the Earth, is an Exalted Place Indeed.  We ignore the community of Life and self-banish from Eden now because of absurd fears of boredom or discomfort when the Screens all flicker off.  Get over these Fears, Encounter Your Garden, become At Last who we were Born To Be.  Eve & Adam, children of God.
-KiJjiT FoX

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