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Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Its crazy when you think about it.
Our species is destroying the Earth.
We are blasting apart Mountains for Coal.
We are pumping our Atmosphere with Carbon.
We are nuking our Soil, eliminating Biodiversity.
The Bees are in decline, calling out for our help.
Every single day, every single American is bombarded with messages about how dire the situation is.
How much it is important to help.
And many people do their part, and have at least started the change in their behaviors to live more lightly on the Earth, stop contributing to Her Destruction, started contributing to Her Salvation.  But so many more people need to do their part.  So much needs to be done.  Its crazy to think there are those who still write it off, or think of it as just a fad or a lifestyle choice.  We all need to Change, just a little bit more, even the most dedicated of us.  It is vital for the survival of our Species.
We need a new way to turn the Lights on.
We need a new way to eat.
We need to spend our leisure time differently.
We need to even think differently because we've gone so far off the track.
The Way of the Garden has been compromised.

...What is interesting is, the Lord sends us Weeds.
I learned in the Garden this week, that Weeding a Garden is Harvesting.
The Weeds that one pulls are often edible, are often nutritious, and if they aren't edible they might be medicinal. Nothing should be wasted.  Nothing is just trash.  The Precious Fruits of the Earth should find eager mouths, eager hands, eager servants.  It is good to eat the Weeds as you pluck them from the Vegetable Beds.  It is good to fill your belly with this stuff, and not what is bought in the Babylon Boxes.  It is good to feed the Body as a route to feeding the Soul, and I wish everyone would discover that.

A particular Weed grows because its what the particular Soil needs.
I learned in the Garden this week, that when a Field is exposed to the Chemical Farmer's way for a long time, and it gets very sick, and yet is then allowed to go Fallow, the Weeds that Nature sends are medicines for the soil.  Those with long tough roots will grow where it has been compressed and crushed, to re-aerate it and give it some life.  The Weeds will grow so as to restore the balance of nutrients that has been depleted.  Which Weeds grow on the land tells you an awful lot about its needs.  And what ends up happening also, is that the Weeds that grow in particular locales, are often the exact Weeds that the natives most need to consume in order to combat the specific illnesses or weaknesses that exist within that society.  The symbiosis with Humans & Weeds is a major part of the Natural Order, the Way of Eden that is ancestral and instinctual to our species, but is ignored in modern Culture because of our Profound Disconnection from it.  The idea that we would wage chemical warfare on one of our closest allies in evolutionary History - the Dandelion! - is such anathema to what pertains to Natural Humans following God's Laws of Be Fruitful, Multiply, Replenish.  We should honor the Dandelion because it is food, wine, and natural fertilizer.  Also, it is very Beautiful.  The idea that it spoils the sight of a good lawn is utter absurdity.

If we can come to appreciate even the Weeds beneath our feet I think we would not be very far from the Kingdom.  Christ Himself invited us to consider lilies, and remarked that even Solomon was not arrayed like one of them.

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