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Magic Trixter FoX

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Deep History

Human beings have been the same species in every important physical sense for at least 100,000 years.
And yet -
We know of not a single 'event' that occurred at all in our first 90,000 years of history.
We barely know of much happening in the next 5,000 years after that.
Virtually everything we know about our own selves, comes from memories and histories formed in the last 5% or less of our lifetime as a Species.

Ask yourself a logical question.
How is this possible?
Usually, it is blamed on the absence of writing.  But surely, in 95,000 years, this supremely intelligent species we are didn't pass into nothingness just because they were too unintelligent to do otherwise!  There had to be ways they thought up of communicating the deep lessons of our past!  Why would they consign their descendants to blindness toward the past?

The Answer is,
They most certainly did NOT leave us without a guide.
The illusion of our silent past has been deliberately created to distract us.
The truth is that the engineers of our culture have simply chosen to ignore the legitimate messages of our past.
And we, rebellious children against the ancient Parentage of Humanity, have chosen ignorant bliss.
Don't follow me?
The "imprimatur of authority" is reserved for only the most recent knowledges.  Peers review peers and only what is in fashion may be taught as a Truth.  Ancient philosophies are discredited.  Religious thought "outdated."  A mantra is repeated that now we know more... but all indications are that we actually know less.
Intelligence is measured by how well one tows the line, or swallows it.

One principal thing I was taught in the Institutions of Official Learning, was that Magical or Spiritual ways of interpreting the World are the Dark Ages, the Backwaters, disproven by Modern Science!
But the Truth is, Modern Science has created the Dark Ages.  It created the Holocaust.  It created Deforestation.  It created Armchair Warfare.  It created Oil Spills.  It created Pesticide.

I shall return to Faith.

I do not believe Blindly.  But I value Intuition.  I value my own Common Sense.  I value Poetic and Metaphorical Explanations for Things.  I value the notion that not everything can be completely known - that there is the Unknown and there is also the Unknowable.  Supreme Wisdom is the ability to discern between the Two.  When a Scientist confronts the Unknowable, I believe he throws a fit.  But when a Believer confronts the Unknowable, I believe he feels a sense of Awe.  That is the Difference.

And so with my Eyes of Faith, I have often turned to the Future.  I have forecast a Hope which is greater than Cynicism.  I have dared to believe something other than the predictions which have our Planet raped and our species decimated.  I have promoted the certainty that we can Change, must Change, should Change... I have done all but say that we WILL Change for it truly is still up to us.  With Eyes of Faith, I have seen a different Future than what you can see through your eyes of Science.  And Faith will inspire.  Choose Faith.

But this is not enough.  Our ancestors still Speak.  They long to turn our Eyes of Faith backward, to their Time.  To our Past.  To see beyond the manufactured dawn of history.  To see into the depths of "pre"-history.  To see 100,000 years ago. To re-discover what we've been told of that time, through long oral traditions that survived into historic myths, and were distorted into popular religions, then modern cults, which we then shrugged off and converted to Science.  Cease this chain reaction of misinterpretation.  Get at the Source of tradition.  What is the Secret of Mother Earth?  How did Humans live H.E.R.E., on EARTH, on HOME PLANET, in that ancient, forgotten past?

They lived as Philosophers.  They lived as Heroes.  They lived as Gods.  They lived as Kings.  They wandered through generations, migrants in love with Exploring the Earth.  They practiced light and sustainable forms of agriculture. They hunted and gathered. They lived in bands.  In communities.  They watched the Stars.  They shared all resources, not only with each other but with their fellow creatures.  They loved activity.  They loved each other's company.  They loved Painting on the walls of their homes.  They loved making children.  They loved playing games.

Look at today.  Who are our Philosophers?  Where are our Kings?  Do we wander for Love and Experience, or do we wander for Power and Money?  Do we live Light and Sustainable?  Do we live in Community?  Or is our tendency to self-isolate, to hoard resources, to shun activity, and to shun company?  Do we watch the Stars these days, or do we stay indoors and watch fleeting Images on Manmade Screens?

The analogy of "Eden" is showing up often in our times.  In my own personal Spiritual walk, I have time and time again been drawn to the story of the Garden of Eden.  This represents so much, because the Garden story is Universal.  Not only Hebrews but a host of ancient cultures tell of our Special (Speci-al) Beginning in a Garden.  In the Biblical understanding, this Garden is the Whole Earth.  Man's place in it is the role of a Keeper.  Adam has a kind of authority over the Garden, the Biblical word is "dominion."  But his dominion is not a power of will, it is a depth of responsibility.  The proper role of Humans, as defined in this most ancient myth, which undoubtedly traces to prehistoric oral traditions, and therefore represents the wisdom of generations of Humans... our proper role is to be the Keepers of the Earth.  We are to Keep Earth as a Gardener Keeps a Garden.  This is the Message of Deep History.  Just as it is the Message of Deep Future.

I want People to see this Picture.  This BIG Picture.  Because then the Consciousness is Transformed.

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