Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Situation

An honest inquiry of How Free We Really Are leaves one chilled to the bone.  We are massively deceived if we are satisfied with What We Are Given, and we call it 'Freedom.'  One is increasingly less free these days, and it takes willful blindness not to see it.

It is the right of all People, everywhere, to live on their own strengths and weaknesses, to ruggedly choose to brave it and make it, without help or interference.  To live with what the Earth provides through one's own honest Labor, and to support with your Livelihood whatever Values you have chosen for yourself.  It is Your Right to Assert Your Values.  It Is Your Right to Make Your Own Life.  You are Inalienably your Own Person, and you are indeed Entitled to a Place Upon this Planet, to Prosper.   Cosmically speaking, it is Just for everyone to respect Each other, and never to deprive another Person or group of Persons from equal access to what God gave us all: shared Air, Land, Water, Food, and equilibrium with the Force of Our Planet.

In one way, it is very silly to talk about Socialism and Capitalism.  Those are terms that are still being debated.  Inevitably, talking about Socialism and Capitalism reduces our whole Organic Mess of a Situation on this Planet to a ridiculous argument between intellectuals.  There will always be two sides to this Debate, it will never Bear Fruit.  It will remain unanswered.  What matters now is not which economic camp one aligns with, but that we all align carefully with a way of doing things that secures ecological stability for our growing human population beyond a mere number of decades.

To speak frankly and honestly, the situation is dire, and to not logically address it (rather than as ideologues from either Left or Right), to not address the very real problem of the viability of our very species beyond the next Century, is Speci-al Suicide.  Has that ever been done before in Eternity?  Who can say.

We have a Right to address this Problem as the Free People of the Earth.  We have a Right to begin to make Decisions for Ourselves, in Actuality rather than in Pretext, as we face this Great Threat.  We have a Right to come together as One, without the censorship of dictatorships and media, without the constant Threat of Warfare and the Schemings of the Elite.  We have a Right to Solve the Enigmas of Our Generation without having the constant errors of our forefathers' Generations shoved down our Throats.

The FoX of Eden is a real, spiritual force, which calls on Humans at this Time to truly Awaken, and understand their Adamic position, and claim it, and use it, and outfox all this Devilly tribe.  The error of your thoughts has been to forget about the demons that exist in this World.  The Devil and His Angels are very real and very tangible beings, unleashed to wreak havoc, and havoc's what they've wreaked.  They have communicated through Human Vices throughout the Centuries, we've unleashed them, and now they've come to Control Us.  Behold!  Greed has taken over the World.  Behold!  Pride has taken over the World.  Behold!  All are Blind, they cannot See, Mankind has Fallen.

But Mankind shall Rise!  I speak Life to the Occupy, Life to the Multiply!  The Universe Refresh!  Invigorate!  Re-Strengthen!  Always we assert our Values, we demand Respect, we give Respect.  Corporations who are currently, deliberately, knowingly, menacingly, purposefully mishandling the World's final reserves of Oil: You must Cease & Desist your Treason against Mankind immediately.  Corporations who are deliberately advancing schemes, in our Sovereign Democracy, by Infiltrating Our Congress, and pursuing Ends which are manifestly harmful to the American people, all in the name of 'Profit':  You must Cease & Desist!   The People demand it!  And because the political systems are broken, your fixed votes will not assuage us.  We will demand change that no 'Election' can solve.  We will demand a transition of Power, again back to People!  And we are aware of History.  We know that the ballot is not our only option...

I call all to Stand.  To Understand.  The Time is Now, as Humans alone - not as Rich or Poor, Republican or Slave, Student or Farmer, Old Man or Young Girl  -- the Time is Now to together decide, how will we address the biggest problems:
1) We don't have Clean Water.
2) We don't have Clean Air.
3) We don't have Enough Food.
4) We are all going to Starve in 40 years.

This is the Situation.  Now is the Time.
Now is the Time.
We can't talk, we have to DO something.
I'm doing all I know how to do.  I don't know the whole steps.  I don't know how much we can actually effect.
But in all honesty and sincerity and without hidden motive I am writing to other people, to wake them up to the Severity of the Situation, and I am saying we should all take the first few steps that we know how to take.   We should get our heads together and figure it out together beyond that.
We know many things that we must do,
We have to cut our own consumption dramatically,
Learn how to be independent,
have our own infra-structure without the conveniences of "shopping" or indeed of many luxuries.
Yes, I do believe we should ACTUALLY back up these beliefs and this spirituality with LIFESTYLE Changes.
We must endeavor to support only what is Noble & Right.
We must Starve Out the Corporations or they will Starve Out Us.

Its not easy.  I still pump gas.
But together, with everyone involved,
We can get to the place where NO ONE NEEDS GAS.
We could do it this Year.
We could shift to Mass Transit, we could localize, we could food produce.
We could fill our time with less Mindlessness and Wastefulness, become Productive, Artistic, full of Energy.
By living 100% we can demonstrate to the Planet, we still 100% deserve life.
Why would Nature fuel something that was less than Robust?
Humanity must shake off Indolence,
Must put on Faith & Works,
And with a Prayerful, Peaceful Mind we must Act as One,
Be Grown-Ups,
And figure out how to survive as an Organism of Seven Billion.
Because doing it the way we are currently doing it will soon enough prove Impossible.

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