Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Perfect Pi

Today was called "Pi Day," because it was 3/14.  So I looked it up.  You know how long that Number goes on?  It goes on Forever!  That's Irrational!

What else is Irrational, and goes on Forever?  I could think of a Lot of Things.

But Today could not really be Pi Day, because Pi is not 3/14/13.  Pi would more properly be 3/14/15, as the first five digits of Pi are 3.1415, not 3.1413.  So at Best, today was sort of a Dress Rehearsal.  People Love Pi, so they Notice it Everywhere it Turns Up.

HeRe'S Another Riddle!
What else is something People Love, and that they Notice Everywhere it Turns Up?

In Two Years I suppose that we can celebrate the REAL PI DAY.  The Perfect Pi Adventure!  I could Predict that it would Be a Great Transformational Day on the Planet!  You know, like 2012 was.
If We will gather Our Attention, as Humans, to a Specific Place or a Time together, all as One, We can Indeed, Change it.
The Notion that there is Free Will implies to me that there is Something Real at Stake.  Because We are the Only Ones who are Qualified to Change it.  We came to This Time for A Reason.   We all Know this and we Feel it Deep Inside...   there may even Be some who would deny that they do but they cannot deny to Themselves, in Secret.  So, are We not in Charge of This Time We are Given?  If we want PI DAY to be Another Great Transformational Day on the Planet, like December 21st and 23rd were in 2012... We can by all Means make it So!  If we Direct Our Minds to it, we can Choose the Day we collectively Shift the Planet into yet Higher Frequency.  After all, the Shift has been explained to me by my Teachers to be an intensifying crescendo of Consciousness that continues to rise beyond the specific dates we Focus on, but by planing and organizing together and building our Conscious link to the Clock of the Seasons, the Calendars of the Tribes, we can become Moving Forces in this field of gravity and levity known as the Cosmos, co-Equal with the Planets and the Stars and the Sun.

Pi Day will be 3/14/15... specifically at 9:26 in the Morning... a little more than 58 centi-seconds past the 53rd second (but whose counting?), let us Engineer another Exponential Rise in Consciousness, a Wave of Social Responsibility, and Personal Liberty, and Equality, and Sanity.  Let us Engineer a Mindframe of Courage, Victory, Alliance, and Unencumbrance, to take Place on that Date!  And let us Devote All our Minds to Evolving into that Mindframe in the Meantime.

Prediction: Victory is Assured.

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