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Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Signs of the Times

Look At This Picture:
Really Look At It.
What is it Saying?  It is a Sign of the Times.

If you don't know the Context of this Picture, perfect!  We'll get to that later.  What do the faces say to You?
The Man in the center exudes Happiness, Defiance, Assurance, Peace.  He walks with Purpose, Head held high and a Determined Grin.  His physique is Commanding, his Attire is bold, he Fears No Evil.

Look at the man and woman who flank Him.  They are Actors, doing what they're told.  They look befuddled, at best, confused.  They seem resolute, but as if there's no other Option.  The Man in the Center seems to have Every Option.

Both officers look downcast, and even out of shape. You can somehow sense they are perspiring out of physical, and mental, AND spiritual, exertion.  Their minds are connected, far away, to the offices and desks and superiors who are scrutinizing every move.  But the Man Up Front, of course, sees every tiny detail in this moment of His Arrest.  It is inspiring.

What is the Context of this Message?  There is a Global, and Local, Uprising.  It may have started in Tunisia but it has Spread across the Globe.  Liberty Everywhere is being proclaimed.  The World has never known a History when WE are Free of Repression.  But yet W.E. all Feel that is worth fighting for, and now's the Time, or Never.  So WE are Imagining New Paradigms, visioning New societies, and striving for Peace and Justice in spite of sold-out corporatism, pesticide, and the elite.  

Specifically the Man in the Front is of indigenous Heritage, and is an individual component of a Worldwide Demand from the tribes of Native Earth for cultural, environmental, and spiritual respect to the Web of Life from which All Emerged, and which some have not yet Abandoned.  They are prophets of a Movement who declare that the Earth should be left intact for Future Generations, and that We must not live as though we are the last generation on Earth, or we shall be.  

The Man in front is part of a group of indigenous People who were forcibly evicted from a Museum that they had begun to Occupy, in demonstration of the fact that the site should be reserved for the culture of their People.  They were forcibly evicted by the local police in their area of Brazil.  The Brazilian police required the Area for a renovation of a football stadium.  Such are the priorities of the Brazilian government, and such is what the local Police are expected to do: upturn the interests of culture and heritage for the passing interests of sports and entertainment.  Why entertainment?  Distraction.  Because elsewhere the interests of indigeous Culture, and the interests of the Environment, collide with the goal of Development under this same government.  And Development, which is rape of Natural Resources, is precisely what threatens the world's largest River, the Amazon, in the construction of the Belo Monte dam.  The Amazon should be a Planetary Sanctuary to the Creator of this Planet.  It should be preserved forever inviolate, our ancient Rain Forest, home to so many brother and sister Species, an engine for Atmosphere and Planet-Wellness and a haunt of our oldest cultures.  A cradle of our Creation Mythos as a Race.  But we allow Cheap Governments which follow the Will of Corporations, Not People, to Hijack its Very Existence and will seldom give it back unless a very high Ransom is paid.

The Brazilian police are the everywhere Police, because everywhere the law officials are the cronies of a government increasingly Corporate, increasingly Destructive, increasingly Unaware, increasingly Unaccountable, increasingly Tyrannical, increasingly Out of Control.  It does not matter if one speaks of Egypt or Tunisia or Canada or the United States or Brazil.  The problems are different by Degree but not by Kind.  Everywhere, the Elite is threatening our most basic rights to Being, and everywhere there is Indignation and Uprising.  Everywhere there is Repression, Media Distortion, and incredibly High Stakes.

These are the Signs of the Times.

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