Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A conversation about Gratitude

Dear Mother Eden,
        How is it You Replenish the Earth?  Bring back the Land after Fire & pestilence?
        Restore a Rest, after the Emergency?
        How is it that Green Plants always come back, reclaiming?
        How is Heaven Never Lost?

Dear Eden-Child,
       I am Replenished, Every Moment, by the Love of Father God.
      He has given the Sun and Rain to Me.  He IS the Sun.  He IS the Rain.
      He Gives Himself.
      I, in Turn, reach back to Him in Praising.
      The LIFE I own is Gratitude.
      By My Gratitude I turn the Sun to Bread and the Rain to Wine.
      I respond in minerals, in chemicals, in invisible scents and vapors.  I am the Stomachs of the Worms who          
      devour every kibble.  By their Usefulness, I employ every piece of what God has given.  I waste nothing,
      for Gratitude does not.  And by not-wastefulness, and gratitude, I have Everything I Need.  No Fires  
      scorch me, no pestilence lasts.  No plague has permission to stay: I have infinite Time Scale.  I am one of
      God's Creatures.  Like all His Creatures, I have Eternal Life.  I shall not die, but Change.  Change &
      Grow.  I am never Lost.  And in all Emergency, know that I am Resting, and Reclaiming


Dear Mother,
       Thank You.  By your Answer I can see how I should live my Life.  In Gratitude for every Gift I have received.  What you said about the Sun turning to Bread and the Rain turning to Wine reminded me of how, in my own Body, through my own Soul's ability to focus on Gratitude for the Love of Christ, I can transform Bread to the Body of Christ, and Wine to the Blood of Christ.  The Holy Spirit seems to tell my Heart that this is the True Meaning of the Sacrament.  So Thank You for helping me to see that Perspective.

      You say no fires scorch you, and no pestilence lasts.  And I know that You can survive even as a Planet of Rocks and Ice.  Your sisters and brothers in the Heavens are doing just that.  But I don't Love You cold & stony.  I Love You Green, & Leafy, and this is why I Fight For You.  Dear Mother, aren't you concerned about Monsanto?  How would it be if every seed on Earth was man-created, not God-and-You-created?  I am concerned with these things.


Dear Fox-child,
     You are right to be Concerned about these things.  They affect You.

     However, ages pass.

     The Greed of Humanity alone is what empowers Monsanto.  And the Greed of Humanity can be shut off.
     The switch is in every Human Heart.  Only a fraction need to discover this, and flip the switch.  By your personal transformation, you transform the Universe.
     Take the case of organic gardening.  Essentially, when you garden without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers, you are telling God that You are grateful for what he gives you: if He gives you an unexpected pest or some failed crops, you are participating at the same pace as Nature, who must withstand whatever setbacks.  In organic gardening, you are learning to scheme with the Planet, not work against it, not try to subdue it.  You are being grateful for it, and transforming it.  Eden-Child, you do more than just transform Bread to Body and Wine to Blood when you dig through the dirt.  You transform every single thing you can be grateful for, and not waste.  The compost of your soul is a scrap heap anointed by Gratitude.
      It is this alone which Humans must discover in themselves: Full Gratitude, and then the Earth is Changed.



  1. Umm ... Thank you Vessel! Birther of words my heart really digs. Upholder and protector of all things groovy. As I read and reread I think, this is what a real man looks like, these words, heartfelt and strong.

    1. I adore your feedback on my blog. You are so kind! Your comments always inspire me. Thank you!