Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Friday, June 7, 2013

Trees of A'eden

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming poetic novel.  It is a song of the FoX to the Trees.

Happy Trees of A'eden,
Sing Me Now Your Song.
Sing the Tune the Whole World
Loves to Sing Along.
Tell of how Your Maker
Planted You, Here, Strong.
Speak of how Your Garden
Is the Work of God.

Tell Me, Trees of A'eden,
How the Garden fares.
Who let in the Dragon?
Tell Me All Your Cares.
Who has stolen Your Bounty?
Who broke Your One Law?
Tell of Eve and Adam
Who have caused the Fall.

Lonely Trees of A'eden!
Speaking in the Wind.
Speaking yet now Unheard,
Ignored because of Sin.
Weeping Trees of A'eden,
Missing Adam's Touch.
Crying Trees of A'eden
Who Loved Eve So Much.

Angry Trees of A'eden!
Sing Me Now Your Song.
Tell of how the Whole World
Strayed so far, so wrong.
Tell of how Your Children,
Cut & slashed & burned,
Are felled by Adam's Children
Who have never learned.

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