Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, August 17, 2013


Imagine, if you will, a Door with a Sign hanging over it that reads, "En-trance."
At first your Mind will dismiss the hyphen and think the Sign is nothing Unusual, it merely designates the place to go within the building, a place to transition from Outside to Inside.
But as you walk under, the Word itself weaves a Magic Spell on You, and you find that you have not only entered, you have become En-tranced.  Your perceptions thereafter in the House are of a different order than your perceptions before.  You have fallen under Wonder or Awe.

In our Day, there is much emphasis placed on being accurate, and rational, even scientific, and logical, in our assessment of what is happening around us.  To be clear-eyed and clear-headed is seen as the ultimate virtue.  To be enchanted, encharmed, entranced, to fall under a spell... these are weaknesses.  A superstitious person is seen as silly, immature, perhaps even mentally ill.  And amongst a certain variety of Atheists, all Religious People are seen in this way.

Over such People the Fox wishes to weave a spell...  I wish to ENTRANCE you.  Come inside this Magical Garden I am perceiving.  Suspend disbelief for but a Mo(ve)ment: this in itself is not against your credo.  You  have Permission to Enter, so put aside a priori assumptions for just a moment and experience a new direction of thought.   Consider Awe and Wonder as a mode of experience.....   And speaking of Experience...

The Word "Experience" is related to "Exercise."  I have heard some folks claim that they have never had spiritual experiences.  This is difficult for me to relate to because throughout my Life I have engaged the spiritual side of perception and had many what I would call spiritual Experiences.  However, my counsel to those who have never had spiritual Experiences is not to assume, therefore, that spiritual Experiences do not exist, or can be dismissed:  consider the possibility that Spiritual Experience is linked to Spiritual Exercise.  If one undertakes certain Spiritual Exercises, it is only then that the religious traditions of the World assure them of Spiritual Experience.  Mystics of the past went on long vigils, fasted, spent time alone, forewent certain pleasures, prayed, meditated, did specific breathing or yogic exercises, ingested certain teas or herbs or fungi, performed certain rituals, were initiated by specific groups....   They did not consider their knowledge of the mysteries complete because they read a few library books or did a Google search.  In our Day, we seem to regard the Spiritual Experience as an Endangered Species.... in point of fact it is the Spiritual Exercise and all the inner work on our thoughts, emotions, and will that is actually Endangered.  To truly grab hold of ourselves and do the Inner Work, to learn a Discipline or to undertake a Practice... this is all that is lacking if we wish to see the World Open Up.

I wish upon any Friend of Mine the same Joy in their Perception of the World that I experience in my Perception.  You are invited to try on my lenses, and see the World as I see it, if you like.  Or discover your own way of seeing.  But Yes, Eyes, See!  See beyond the delusion and into the World as It Really Is, as only the Truest version of You can rightfully see it.

If you are seeing the World as a place of Scarcity or Fear you are not seeing it right. (If I may be so bold as to tell you so!) If you are seeing yourself as a victim or circumstances as unchangeable you are not seeing it right.  If you see yourself as more important than others you are not seeing it right.  If you do not see the Potential Paradise you are not in the Garden.

I recently looked up into the Sky at the Star which was its Zenith.  And I perceived that emanating out from this Zenith Star was a Fibonnaci Spiral that encompassed the Dome of the whole Sky....  I understood at once what Jacob's Ladder was...  And I knew that there is a Divine Fingerprint in all Things.  I believe that the Spiral of Life manifests itself in every form of Life, and there is Sacred Geometry in all Things.  If you will notice the Spiral, the Hexagon, the Fruit of Life, the Flower of Life, the Tree of Life, the Seed of Life, the Star of Creation in all the Objects that Cross Your Path you will come closer to Wonder, and to Belief...

As Above, So Below.  When we look at the Stars some of us see only points of Light and know only the astronomy of Satellites and Telescopes.  This astronomy is mighty indeed, but learn the names of these Stars... Study the Mazzaroth and discern the Phases of the Moon.... it starts with paying attention to these subtle things....  Become EnTRANCED by the Planet You Are Inhabiting and the Seat it Affords You in the Cosmos...

When you see a piece of trash lying on the ground, pick it up.  If it can be recycled, recycle it.  This is an excellent spiritual practice which will transform the way you see the World.  Many people think this is a good idea but do not actually do it when it comes down to it.  They are too busy, or there's just too much trash, they are only one person, how can such a small action possibly make a difference.  They forget that we live in a Cosmos that responds to our intention.  Our best and noblest actions are automatically Multiplied by the Great Multiplier of Everything.  A do-nothing, change-nothing mentality is an absurd trick to cheat you out of being a maker of history.

Once you walk through the Door you are no longer Outside, but Inside.  Looking at World Events from the Inside will bring you a lot greater clarity, I believe.  Why do People fear the mystical mindset?  Is it because they are afraid they will be swept into ignorance or cultish thinking?  Will succumb to conspiracy theories and latch on to end-times prophecies?  What being EnTRANCED does, actually, is gives your Mind space to Expand... gives you the ability to Receive Messages...  gives you the chance to engage the World around you with Hope and Prayer rather than just passive Acceptance or Serenity, or worse still, panic and discord.
Higher than Worry is Wonder.  Higher than Wonder is Worship.
Worry looks downward.  Wonder looks out and reaches its hands outward in Awe.  Worship looks Up and Reaches Hands Upward in Love.

Perceive these Differences and try on a New Perspective Now and Again.  Don't make your Mind up so quickly and accept defeated schemas of the World which reduce you to one person among 7 Billion.  You are more than that.  You are a Co-Creator with the Divine.  You are a Channel for Love, which is the Strongest Force in the Universe, and can never be overestimated.

-KiJjiT FoX

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