Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Saturday, September 21, 2013

In the Morning a New Autumn is Born...

Oh Earth-Maker!
& Earth Beholder!
Earth Knower!
& Earth Grower!
Earth Spinner
& Earth Beginner!

In your Secret Shade on this wandering Morning, a FoX or two cries out to You:
For PeAcE, ProsPeriTy, for GuiDANCE through all S.T.O.R.M.s:
May there be a Rest in Syria,
The Way of Peace, for Justice rises not through Conflict.
May the Frugal Earth be our Model, dear Lord,
for all Creations of Wealth and Economy!
Plant my Feet upon Yah Weh,
To Stand, to Understand,
To Humble my Self and Follow all L.A.W.S.
May I Love the Woman You gave Me, gracefully,
Parent the kits You Trusted to Me,
Tend mindfully the Garden you Gifted Me,
May my Mind apprehend to Know You More.

I give Thanks, O Lord, for the Spinning Creatures:
The Spiders who Adorn the Forests in Early Morning with their Necklaces of Dew,
Eight-Dimensional Life-Maps of Obedience to You.
With their many Legs and their many Eyes, their Many Hands and their Many Lives,
They Weave an Embrace which is at once Their Home, their Provision, and their Praise.
I take a Lesson from Sister Spider,
And Brother Tree,
And Mother Earth.
To Rise Up and Call Out to You from the Nature of My Being
And Turn with this Sunrise-Sunset Earth through all Seasons,
depending on Your Every Whim for
new Blessings,
new Rains,
new Sunshine to Bestow,
Through my Smiles and my Words and the Meditations of My Heart....  I wish to Please You!

As I burn Sage and the Smoke Spirals out in Fibonnaci sequence to encompass Mother Planet,
So let my Intentions be Broadcast to the Skies.
Let the Angels Dance on Jacob's Stairs
to the Zenith of Your Sky
As the Four Winds
The Four Sacred Directions
The Four Elements
and the Four Dimensions I can observe
Conspire to Usher
Me Deeper Into
A Natural Embrace
of Serving You.

Happy Equinox to All!

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