Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Peace this Side of Hell

"I'm feeling the Urge to start Everything Over," thought God.
And He scratched the Ground.
The Earth was created from distant Stars,
but for these very last drops of Clay,
He bent His Knees and employed His Fingers.
"I love how fallible You are," He whispered, as He worked it.
Then He looked into History, into faraway places.
Inside was a thoughtful pause.
How many untold stories did the Holy Spirit foreknow in that instant?
Every deed of love and every idle word.
The times of Peace and the times of Tribulation.
The preservative power of Day,
tick tick tick,
the vultures descending.
The betrayal, the arrest, the trial.
His Fingers quivered.
Did He dare to go on?
Just then the Spirits of Matriarchs and Patriarchs called out to Him through Time.
Such extraordinary harmonies!
They sacrificed their fullness,
But they could even escape Hell.
The smile of a child.
The song of a bride.
By Saturn!  There was dancing.
There were hayrides, there was laughter.
The beautiful youths wet in the hot Summer.
He saw it all, from the very first Snake
to the Chemical Herbicides.
"My Sheep have gone astray," He said.
But the Earth conceals a Trap of the Lord,
To bring us back to the Keeper of the Sky.
He saw the Order of Julian Assange.
He saw a Chinese billionaire,
rich with things that won't be useful in Hell.
But some things...

Quite nervous, the Keeper of Heaven fused His Knees
with the mud, like a Spouse.

"My feet will love You in the Earth," Adam's soul called out.
"There will be Peace this side of Hell."

And God heard the howl for courage and justice, arising in the streets of Rio and Athens.
Anti-corporate, pro-democracy movements, shaking the Earth.
He heard the cries of the Poor and Humble.
He saw the Redemption in the dirt.
"I love watching over You," He said.
"And I will Rescue You, to run wild in Eden,
To walk the long way down,
Until the very last day of Creation."
Then God - His Name is very rare and Amazing -
Hid Himself in Everything,
Even deeply inside of Adam,
And kissed him.
And he came to Life.

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