Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Repentance Prayer

Lord, I need more of You in my Life.
I need the help of the Lord.
I need Jesus to be on my side.
Or rather, put me on Your Side.

Preserve me from Traps.
Preserve me from Errors.
I need Your Guidance!
I need Your Mercy!
I have transgressed wickedly and I require Strength.
I cannot get all of my work done.
I need Help, and I need Mercy, for not being all I am meant to be.

Lord please bless my Family.  Thank You for them!
Make me capable to lead and Love them.
Lead me!  Love me!  
Thank You for all I have.
Thank You for what I have been given
And Thank You SO MUCH for Your Every Generous Gift.
Why have You given it all to me?
I am not worthy.
But preserve it for me.
Keep me lowly,
Make me Holy,
Write my Story,
Raise my Family.
Work my job, and heal my Lands.
Do my work for me.
I am lost in You,
Let Me Thru,
Let Me Thru,
I am used to You.

I am used by You.
And I, too, use You.

Forgive me all my usurpations.
My hedony, my hubris.
Lord I seem useless.
But oh what a journey You have placed me upon!
Do not let my self betray it, I pray it;
Do not let myself betray it.

A record of my thoughts has been kept.
And though I know you know,
And I know You planned it,
I can't stand it.
Give me a fresh Mind all over again.

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