Magic Trixter FoX

Magic Trixter FoX

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Prayer for Wisdom in 2015

This is my Prayer, uttered while a-wading in The River of January, 2015.

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding."
 - Proverbs 4:7

It is Wisdom that I covet most.
I have a Wise Reason for Wishing Wisdom
 into the World, and into the Year,
For I am myself a Fool,
and it is Fools alone who have Wisdom.
And I am set out to gain Wisdom.
I ween that from Wisdom,
 all lesser Wishes follow.
King Solomon himself
 was given, you'll recall,
besides Wisdom,
Long Life and Honor:
and Health, and Fame,
and Fortune.
May all these Gifts B.E. for Y.O.U.
a Blessing Seized
In the coming Year.
But Most Importantly,
Get Understanding.

Environmental Understanding.   I wish to know the fate of ......
Keystone XL!  Our irresponssible Congresspersons have passed this climate-killin', oil-spillin' Pipedream using ample muscle from both parties, because of Corporate money and media manipulation, despite widespread opposition to the project.   POTUS has promised to veto this Pipedream, and just a few nights ago badmouthed it in the State of the Union address.  That is Good News!  And I pray that President Barack Obama fulfills that promise.  And yet I know that even when he does, we will still have to fight with an enormous Beast on the issue.

Social Understanding.  I need to know what is happening in...

the whole wide World!     In Syria, Palestine, Ukraine, Iraq, China, North Korea, Lebanon, France, Japan, India, Greece, Turkey, Nigeria, Mexico, and yes, in the United States.  What is going on with this Human Suffering?  I can see indeed that these are Troublous Times.  I Ask, & Ttrust God to Deliver all prisoners, all wartorn, all captured, all maimed, all radiated, all tortured, all enslaved, all embittered, all indigent, all cast out, all dispossessed, all oppressed, all kidnaped, all raped, all murdered, all exploited, all deforested, all polluted.   These are the Tribulations of the World, and I feel them with my Family.

Spiritual Understanding.  I pray to hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches.

On Earth, we are all on Holy Ground.  The Earth is the Lord's, and it will be His Justice that outs in the End. In this Time we're living through, all is Uncertain, and none are immune to the coming of Tribulation.  Storm Clouds are Gathering, indeed, as the YouTube user stormcloudsgathering has been ably pointing out.  May the Lord Deliver us from that Fate!  May He help us to Alter an inhumane course in the curve of History.  Fate & Destiny BOTH exist, I believe, and this is illustrated by the Scriptural paradox found in these verses:             "My times are in your hands," (Psalm 31:15)
             "It is a dreadful thing to fall into the hands of the living God" (Hebrews 10:31).

In Prayer, I believe we can successfully calls on God, who holds Time, to alter the very flow of Events unfolding. No bad things are inevitable.  The World doesn't have to End at all.

  "Come quickly, Lord Jesus" is not, I don't think, a prayer for Rapture or Escape.  It is a plea for the Second Coming!  It is a plea that wrongs may be righted.  It is not a prayer that Christians pray hoping to escape the Earth, but one they pray on behalf of the Earth and all its Souls, for Deliverance, Power, Glory, Justice, Equity, Redemption.... even Resurrection.

Personal Understanding.  I would like to know how I may be of the best use.
No one Person can do everything which pulls upon them to do.  My first estate is to love and care and teach my Children, and to Shine with my Wife.  I pray to honor my Parents also.  To uplift my Brothers.  I pray to stand up as a Man against injustice in the World.  To make a difference in the World, to provoke thought, to respond carefully, to be open, involved, accessible.  I pray to be useful and humble, I pray that I may be quick to offer succor when I am able to offer it.   I pray that I may be able to offer it.  I pray to be energetic, attentive, active and creative.  And I do solemnly swear that I need the Lord's Help.  I Need the Help of the Lord, I Need the Help of the Lord... I have made this my constant prayer, and I must keep it...
because "Without me it is certain that you can do nothing." is what I'm hearing the Lord reply.

Wisdom is the Principal Thing.

And you know, another very Bold, Clever, Fearless Of X creature is the F.O.X.!  
So in my Environmental, Social, Spiritual, adn Personal Understandings I will continue to learn from my
Teacher Of True Earth Magic
which is the spirit of the FoX in the Garden of Eden.
Mayhaps a FoX might steal in unawares, into the chancels of the Elite, and play some Trick upon them.  
For you must know that the heart of a FoX is true.  And prayer, I believe, of a Man, avails much.

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